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Ugo Frigerio and C.

Frigerio Ugo & C., the Head founder company of the group, deals with transport since 1946. Today it consists in a large fleet of vehicles Gran Turismo with every comfort, from 8 to 75 seats, highly qualified staff, procedures certified ISO 9001 that allow to offer a job punctual and accurate, to meet the precise needs of its customers and to ensure the highest standards of quality and security. A security for all who know and choose Frigerio from more than 60 years.

A passion that comes
from the old times

Ugo Frigerio, founder and pioneer of transports, was convinced that "to go ahead", the world had to "move" and he wanted to provide resources and services. In an era where only few kilometers represented a challenge, armed with determination and courage, rised up ,in a short time, a small and strong company, well-established in its territory with the ambition to go far and in the way to carry and move people cause they trasted in him. He wanted "to move the world" and we believe that he succeeded!
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